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The EFA encourages active participation by members and fellow Eddy genealogists. Continual research of family lines, and confirmation of data by source records, assures the steady expansion of a consistent ancestral record of the branches of the Eddy family.

Genealogical Committee

This is the foundation Committee of our Association. Active participation provides the collection of newly identified information to be reviewed, verified, and incorporated into the record. We appreciate the submittal of information from members and visitors; however, additional research promotes regularly identifying more descendants and/or information and verification by source material.

Material collected is formatted and consistently reported in the profile style used by the Publication Committee and is forwarded for inclusion to the publication record. This is the record provided to family members by past publications, now merged and expanded with new material.

The database includes over 120,000 names across the William and John of Taunton lines. It is unknown at this time as to the number of names included in the John of Woodbridge record.

We need volunteers to aid in this effort. You must be a member of the EFA, or become one, to assist with this endeavor. If interested, please contact our genealogist.

Eddy Family Association, genealogist
P.O. Box 754
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034
Email: [email protected]

Throughout the years many items which may have proved valuable to Eddy Family Association members have been lost or thrown away. Although we can't do anything about the past.

Please send any copies of Birth, Death, Marriage notices or interesting articles from your local Newspapers, family scrapbooks or bibles, which have a connection to the Eddy surname. 

Copies can be scanned and emailed as an attachment.

email: [email protected]

Publication Committee

This is another foundational Committee of our Association. Activity includes formatting, editing and incorporating new material, expanding the record of connected lines, in support of the publication and dissemination of the record of Eddy family lines in America. 

Material previously published in the six hard cover books, has been merged into one all-inclusive representation of connected family lines, consistently formatted, and reported in the profile style used by the Publication Committee. This record is continually added to, edited, and provides the data shared to members, family researchers and historians.

Active participation assures new information is consistently formatted and presented for use in the publication and dissemination of the expanding record of Eddy family lines. 

In addition to the ongoing incorporation of new material, the project of assigning numbers is currently underway.

Volunteers are needed to support these efforts. You must be a member of the EFA, or become one, to assist in these activities. If interested, please contact the Chair of Publications Lin Hough at [email protected]