The Eddy Family

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To submit genealogical data to the EFA access the Projects button above. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link: submit your information online. Download the form and follow directions. Thank you!

Members have exclusive access to a variety of information concerning the EFA in the EFA DOWNLOAD section. This includes 1) Recent EFA Bulletins, and 2) An important file of unconnected Eddy individuals that are available for members to study for their own personal use. Hopefully some of these entries will find themselves attached to one of the Eddy lines.  

The EFA is very interested in identifying Eddy men in the John of Taunton line and William, the Vicar's line who have had their Y-DNA analysis completed. We want to compare the Y chromosome data in each line. Y DNA tests are expensive and the EFA cannot fund them; therefore we wish to identify men in each line who have completed their Y DNA analysis, preferably on the FamilyTreeDNA website. 

Our genealogies are not a perfect work, but close. Errors in dates or names can occur for many reasons. Here are some: indecipherable penmanship, typos, faulty memories, incomplete or inaccurate records, be they private or public. We greatly appreciate the submissions to our files by everyone and try to confirm all data submitted. The EFA's mission is to expand the lines through continuing research, and correct previously held data from original source records. Please understand that we do our best.     


Formed in 1920, The Eddy Family Association continues a legacy founded by our ancestors who researched and documented the Eddy Family. Since 1930, we’ve published a series of updates and bulletins. We continue to collect information on all Eddy family members.