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The Eddy Family Association was created first and foremost to keep an accurate record of the Eddy surname genealogy.  We have worked tirelessly for over a hundred years updating, researching, and ensuring what information we have is the best that exists. 

You can help and we need your help!  First by updating your own family line with our genealogist and second to volunteer to put your and other records in a digital format that can be used for generations to come.

Eddy Family Genealogy Books and Publications

The first known Eddy genealogical publication was published in 1881 and a second addition of this book was published in 1884.  The title is "The Eddy Family, Reunion at Providence, to Celebrate the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Landing of John and Samuel Eddy at Plymouth, Oct. 29, 1630"  What a long title!  This book highlights the reunion and records speeches, poems and events that occurred that day.  It also records a "genealogical memoir" for Rev. William Eddye and his American Descendants complied by Robert Henry Eddy in 1881.  The 1884 second addition of the book has an 1883 updated genealogy by Robert Henry Eddy.

A second Eddy genealogy publication also came out in 1881 entitled "Genealogy of the Eddy Family" the author of this book was Charles Eddy, M.D. of Brooklyn NY.

The Eddy Family Association was organized in Eddyville MA on Sept 15, 1920 and incorporated on Oct 29, 1923.  One of its stated main purposes was to publish and updated an accurate genealogy.

The genealogist and compiler of the monumental 1930 "Eddy Family in America" genealogy was Ruth Story Devereux Eddy. She graduated from Brown University with an AB in 1897, and a Master's degree in 1900. From 1897 until 1905 she taught in three high schools in RI and MA. In 1905 she married William Holden Eddy, also an educator, in Johnston, RI. They had three children.

In the earlier genealogies mentioned above of the Vicar's line did not contain a lot of documentation.  They were also found to have some significant inaccuracies! Ruth Story Devereux Eddy's work was the first that included 'references to authorities for the statements printed'. It took six years for her to complete the manuscript, and it still stands as a masterful addition to the field of genealogy. The 1930 EFA publication and the numerous supplements to it (1940, 1950, 1968, 1980, 2005) form the backbone of our organization. We are fortunate to have had her expertise.

Since the 2005 supplement of the 1930 "Eddy Family in America" the publication committee has been working on combining all the genealogies from the 1930 book and each supplement into a single coherent (and corrected) document.  They are essentially done with this project.  EFA leadership will be discussing how we will be sharing this in the future.  

IMPORTANT -  If you click on the genealogies below and get a page with a tree that says "PRIVATE" please notify Thomas Eddy (EFA President) at [email protected]