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September 2030 will be the 100th Anniversary of the publication of the seminal Eddy Family in America genealogy!


October 2030 will be the 400th Anniversary of the landing of John and Samuel Eddy (of the William line) at Plymouth, MA!


Ten years ago, the EFA sponsored a DNA test for members through Ancestry to determine if the Eddy males who participated would localize to one of the three known lines. Under the direction of Gary Eddey and Frank Eddy the results -- now unfortunately lost by the commercial lab -- found that all tested localized to one of the three lines, or were totally unconnected. This confirmed the extraordinary genealogical efforts of Ruth Story Devereux Eddy. 

The three lines represented are descended from William Eddye of Bristol England, John of Taunton, MA, and John of Woodbridge, NJ. Perhaps we will find that with more specific DNA data, this will not be the case, but for now we believe good, original source genealogical work is as good as DNA results. The exception is determining the parentage of John of Woodbridge where Y DNA analysis appears to be required. Please refer to the Y DNA link above.

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