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The Eddy Family Album

The EFA is always looking for photographs of our ancestors to put faces to the names of so many of the people in our books and who are part of our history.  Photos can be emailed to our Chair of Publications Lin Hough at [email protected]


To know the names and dates of our ancestors is a wonderful thing. However, what were they like? How did they live day to day? What did they do for a living? Much of this information can be found in family diaries or obituaries of deceased family members. 

Do you want to be remembered as a name and a date? Do you think you have nothing to tell us about yourself?? Of course you have something to tell us!

What may seem ordinary to you will mean the world to future generations. Simple things like what you enjoy, where you went to school, your memories growing up. Think about what you wish you could know about an ancestor.

You don't have to be famous to be interesting.....

We are currently asking "future Eddy Family ancestors" (that's YOU!) to submit biographies written about yourself, parents, grandparents, or perhaps an ancestor who you have heard stories about or whose life you have researched. It will be added to your record and eventually published so that future generations will know who we were. Please send biographies to our genealogist via email to [email protected] or by postal mail to:

Eddy Family Association, genealogist
P.O. Box 754
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034


Genealogical Form Submissions


The EFA has been collecting and entering genealogical information on births, deaths, marriages etc. on past and present family members since 1920. We continue to do so, and you do not need to be a member to submit your data.

Click here to submit your information online

Or submit your data in a database format, via email or mail to: EFA Genealogist >
[email protected]

Eddy Family Association, genealogist
P.O. Box 754
Wheat Ridge, CO 80034




The EFA is seeking Eddy males in each line who have had their Y DNA analysis completed. Specifically, we wish to compare the Y chromosome results of direct male descendants from the John of Taunton Line and the William line. 

For the John of Woodbridge line we are in the process of determining the parentage of John of Woodbridge. We have never been able to confirm his direct parentage, although there is ample evidence he was born in Scotland. At this point we believe we have found his Scottish family, but await confirmation with further Y DNA testing. 


The EFA is interested developing the following projects. 


If a member is interested in organizing a project please contact our genealogist.


  • Research to expand lines
  • Research for newspaper articles, awards, highlights, obits
  • Research for military records, service, awards, burial info
  • Research for schooling, degrees, profession, specific accomplishments
  • Identify pioneers, founders, historical record to capture and cite book, article, etc
  • Research unconnected material for possible resolution
  • Locate photos/images of individuals or communities associated with ancestors; this would be for inclusion for our records and useful for report generation. 
  • Development, format of genealogy reports including, cover, statistics, text, images, pictures


The New England Historic Genealogical Society has established an Eddy Family Collection. Please contact us if you wish to donate materials to the collection.