• Y - DNA Project

The EFA is interested in obtaining Y DNA information from Eddy males in each of the three main lines. The website Family Tree DNA has a section of a few Eddy's already in existence.

As everyone is aware men have a Y chromosome and an X chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes. What may may not be well known is that the Y chromosome, unlike the autosomes and the X chromosome, do not change from generation to generation. There is no recombination with the Y Chromosome. Therefore, the Y DNA is very similar to fathers and paternal grandfathers and paternal great grandfathers, etc, going back multiple generations. (For those of you who need a refresher, recombination is natures way of guaranteeing diversity in our own progeny.)

The EFA is not able to pay for testing on the Family Tree DNA site for Y chromosome analysis due to the high cost. However we would like to compare the results of Y DNA between the John of Taunton lines and the William line and are looking for volunteers to submit your Y DNA to the Family Tree Maker site. Eddy males submitting Y DNA saliva will have to pay. The Y DNA 700 is the category that we are most interested in. The more inexpensive tests are not helpful to make reasonable conclusions. 

We have some information to share about existing Y DNA data and that is posted online.

For example, the existing Y DNA data show expected results that the Eadie, Edie, and Addy lines are distinct from any of the three main Eddy lines, and from each other. This should put to rest any suggestion these families are related to the three lines in the EFA.

Also, the Y DNA data demonstrates that the Joseph Eddy line (that the EFA  has included in our publications) is also distinct from the three main Eddy lines. As you can see the Y DNA  can be an important tool to add to the genealogists' work.   

In addition, see also the bottom of the John of Woodbridge page for more information on Y DNA information concerning the possible parentage of John of Woodbridge. 

Do not send DNA data to the EFA. Please keep the data on the website, but send any questions you may have to the President of the EFA. Gary E. Eddey. ([email protected]

For those interested, below is an example of a Y DNA certificate. Please do not download or save. Thank you.