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1209 Columbus Street
                                                   Grand Haven, Michigan, 49417

                                                    November 6, 1964

Mr. Levi Curtis Eddy
622 Maple Avenue
Hinsdale, Illinois

Dear Mr. Eddy:

        Don't groan yet'. This is calculated to save you
unnecessary time and effort.

         I have located the Eddy who designed and constructed
the "Eddy Clocks" for the Boston & Albany Railroad. He
is listed under Horace Wilson Eddy instead of Wilson Eddy,
and I stumbled upon the name quite by accident. It is on
Page 549 in the 1930 Eddy genealogy, under No. 4187.

        The following paragraph, together with an old letter
in Mrs. R. S. D. Eddy's 1950-1954 files from a non-Eddy,
Miss Ramona Paddock, Carlstadt, N. J., provides a fairly
good explanation of the term "Eddy Clocks":

     It He received his education in Springfield
     (Mass.) and at Norwich University, Vermont. He spent
     a year in Russia as a foreman of WINAN BROTHERS. On
     his return, he became a foreman in the BOSTON & ALBANY
     (For a full account, see biographical records of Hampshire
     County, Massachusetts.) He designed and constructed the
     engine "ADDISON GILMORE", for which he received a gold
     medal at a trial speed run on the BOSTON & LOWELL R. R."

        He was/eepH Nov. 29, 1870 to MARTHA JANE CHASE of Wolcottville
     Connecticut. They had a son, Arthur Chase Eddy, b. 9-23-1875,
     at Springfield, Massachusetts. Horace Wilson Eddy was born
     Aug. 16, 1845 and died Nov. 15, 1900, both at Springfield,

        There is nothing in my files to give me any clue to the
current address of any of his descendants; nor is there anything
in the book that would seem helpful in that connection. I have
written to the Massachusetts State Library for copies, if
obtainable, of any material they may have on this subject.
If interested, in connection with your study of Eddy's in the
railroad business, please let me know.

                                                                  Yours sincerely,

                                           4/6/1,1  4 Cale,

                                                                Helen F. Clark
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